2 thoughts on “New work………

  1. I am thrilled with what I see on your Web Site ! seeing your Mono-prints has me squealing ‘I love your brain’ love the way you think.. see the world and respond to it..
    I always knew I responded well to your work.. but see all that you’ve posted so far is so dam exciting. I know it’s in it’s early stage .. but that teaser .. monoprint titled
    “and the pup” is just that a teaser..
    can’t wait to see more..
    your work regardless of what you do is filled with in lush and elaborated world of ideas, sensations and passion.. love the energy.. and your depth of investigation..

    thank you again for sending the link today.
    xoxox Barbara

  2. Your pottery exhibit at Framed on Whitney Ave. in Hamden is a must see. I love the open free form style of your pieces and your creative use of vibrant glazes. I am inspired by your work!

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